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It’s recommended not to use these swipes as it is since they aren’t speaking directly to YOUR customers like you communicate with them.
Instead, use these email swipes to model and create your own email promo. Use these points to help you create a better and higher converting promo:

  • Go live on 15 different video sites simultaneously.
  • Go live on platforms including
    #)Smash cast
  • Take any video from your computer and use that to live-cast it as a LIVE video on 15 different sites simultaneously, automatically
  • Automatically share the link to of your live video on 15 different social media sites.
  • Customise the video before going live. Upload, customise and then go live.
  • Add multi-lingual captions automatically. Reach out to e global audience.
  • Add lower third graphics and text to your live videos. Choose from over 50 lower-third designs.
  • Add multiple video frames to your live video and choose from over 100 frame designs.
  • Full text customisation.
  • Cloud based. Works on Mac, PC, Mobile & Tablets
  • Add your own logos and watermark to the videos you’ll go live with.
  • Go live on your own landing page or blogs. Simply copy-paste the embed code on your pages and go live there.
  • HUGE: Automatically moderate and manage comments and engagement on your Facebook LIVE and YouTube LIVE videos.
  • Automatically reply to any comment on Facebook LIVE and YouTube LIVE video.
  • Automatically reply based on a keyword to Facebook LIVE and YouTube LIVE video.
  • Automatically send a Private Message to viewers on your Facebook LIVE and YouTube LIVE video.
  • Create a list of viewers you’ve sent private messages to and send them notification later.
  • 100% TOS Compliant unlike many other tools!
  • Setup your video, schedule and go to sleep. LIVEreel will do it all for you automatically while you’re away from your computer. No need to be available live.

Important Note:

We do recommend you edit these swipes and modify the angle based around the subject link you use at least…this would definitely get you better clicks and sales overall.


  • Turn Any Video into LIVE Video on 15 sites…
  • Turn PreRecorded Videos into LIVE videos automatically
  • Take Any Video & Make It LIVE video on 15 Video Sites
  • Turn Any Video Into Traffic Generating Machine
  • LIVE videos bring more traffic…here’s how!.
  • How to get more traffic from your videos
  • Get More Traffic & Sales from Your LIVE Videos
  • Turn Your Videos into Traffic Generating Machines
  • Get More View, Clicks & Sales on Your Videos (get them LIVE)
  • You aren’t doing this…why?
  • Why Aren’t you doing LIVE videos?
  • This little trick that will get you 15X more traffic
  • Do LIVE videos suck?
  • Why you NEED to do LIVE videos…
  • Easily do LIVE videos
  • LIVE videos on 15 Different Video Sites…simultaneously
  • Simultaneously go LIVE on 15 Video Sites
  • LIVE stream your pre-recorded video & manage engagement automatically
  • Turn 1 Video on 15 LIVE videos…

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(always mail twice on the launch date to get the most sales. Many subscribers check
their mails in noon and evening. You don’t want your mail to get buried down.)


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